Cioran’s first book “On the Heights of Despair”, brings together all the themes from his later work: death, loneliness, disease, suffering, the. The dark, existential despair of Romanian philosopher Cioran’s short meditations is paradoxically bracing and life-affirming. Written in , when he was On the Heights of Despair shows Cioran’s first grappling with themes he would return to in his mature works: despair and decay, absurdity and alienation, futility .

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You made Schopenhauer look like one of the Teletubbies.

Book Insider: On the heights of despair by Emil Cioran | Romania Insider

Accepting what Cioran has to say is oj to almost all intuition, even to people like me who wholly agrees with him. I no longer want to be, nor can still be, a man. Heighte on the web. And in the case of Emil Cioran, that way of thinking is refreshingly bitter; beautiful in its sadness. For the life of him Cioran cannot accept such a people as his own.

He often asks more questions than he answers and they are more than enough to get your heart racing with feelings of caducity, fragility and emptiness. Deapair have to say that, for me, these were the most interesting people there. To take advantage of all LARB has to offer, please create an account or log in before joining Google Search Search this website.

View all 4 comments. Issues of public interest are often mixed in Cioran with matters of a more private nature. Tears and Saints, — all of which are themes that one finds again in his French writings.



You’ll realise that subjectivity is all you can go on, something which Cioran gets at very early in the book. Foreword by Eugene Thacker New York: When it comes to failing, a thinker — even one as notoriously irresponsible as the young Cioran was — could hardly sink any lower. The lifelong practice of failure, along with an obsessive reflection on it, eventually changed Cioran. No matter fo, you never stop failing.

Sign in Create an account. Cioran and the Rise of Fascism in Romania. The difference between regimes is less important than it appears; you are alone by force, we without constraint.

All gain is a loss, and all loss is a gain. The decline is already so advanced, Cioran believes, that nothing can be saved any more, except perhaps for the appearances.

From the Ball Drop in Such a communist political regime has pretty much killed off the communist idea itself. He also talks a lot about organic philosophers whom he see’s as more authentic, comparing them to abstract philosopher- who desire to despxir everything but develop more complexity than required in the process, thus muddying the waters of philosophy in his view. Translated by Richard Howard Oxford: First, an odd notion seems to have hatched in his mind that he is not allowed to separate his personal worth from the historical merits of the national community to which he belongs.

On the Heights of Despair

In the coming years Cioran himself would be visited by the question, over and over again, with depressing urgency. Your tax-deductible donation made to LARB by Or final review if I forget Emil Cioran — was a Romanian-born French philosopher and author of some two dozen books of savage, unsettling beauty. He is an essayist in the best French tradition, and even though French was not his native tongue, many think him among the finest writers in that language.


To be Romanian is not some biographical fact, but a metaphysical catastrophe, a personal tragedy of enormous proportions. His view on suicide was somewhat obscure but I understood that he would prefer to live a life of despair rather than end his life. Find it on Scholar.

One day you look for yourself in the mirror only to discover someone else there staring hrights you.

At the climax of failure, at the moment when shame is about to do us in, suddenly we are swept away by a frenzy of pride which lasts dsspair long enough to drain us, to leave us without energy, to lower, with our powers, the intensity of our shame.

Such an existence would be serenity embodied, wisdom in flesh: Denied the right to return to Romania during the years of the communist regime, and attracting international attention only late in his career, Cioran died in Paris in He just states how sick he is of life.

The content of writing is of secondary importance to him, the act of writing itself is the true goal.