GURPS Prime Directive: Federation (4th Edition) on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Brand New in Factory Packaging. Updated for GURPS 4th Edition. Roleplaying on the final frontier. A self- contained book that works with all GURPS 4e books but can also be used as a. 28 Aug Hey all, So I’ve gotten a sudden hankering to run something sci fi, and was thinking of Star Trek. Granted, I’ve never managed to overcome.

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Hope turps helps you make your decision! Heroic characters are built on points or more. In BCE in the area of Mesopotamia a man was born who quickly discovered he was immortal via “instant tissue regeneration coupled with some perfect form of biological renewal. A notable departure the book makes from traditional GURPS is a simplification of the rules for psionics.

More over they highball the TLs.

Get the supplements for Klingons, Romulans, and more at Warehouse 23! The Kzinti of the Star Fleet Battles universe have these aspects, and while still fairly tough, are not quite as physically capable as in Niven’s stories. I believe you have sorely misunderstood this book. What others have said is correct. We try to keep the lists below up to date with active subreddits and prune it from time to time. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities.

A complete, highly detailed timeline, allowing GMs to set their campaigns in the early years before the Federation was formed, during the General War period, later when the Advanced Technology ships were entering service, or at any other point in history that the GM prefers — GPD is not tied to any single period within the Timeline, and you can even ignore the entire timeline if you direvtive to.

Psionic power is treated as an advantage costing five points per level, and all psionic abilities use this single score as their power level. Ah directvie, thanks for the insight. If you choose both the away team package and another skill package, like medical or science, then your character will be able to handle a role, but you might not have many resources to pay for other skills or abilities.


GURPS Prime Directive? : rpg

Find More Posts by Kromm. It’s not hugely different – I’m a bit fuzzy on the TOS era, but basically what happened is that they started to make the game there, but weren’t allowed to use any of the later stuff, but were prim to expand upon it with their own material – hence some of the things I find fairly goofy.

It is a mixture of problem solving and combat that could be run in almost any SF RPG and there is little here that makes it into a Star Trek scenario. Players can create characters that are bridge officers aboard a starship, members of a mercenary combat team, officers and crew aboard a merchant ship, agents working for the Galactic Intelligence Agency, Star Fleet Marines, a non-governmental relief agency, investigative journalists, or any other type of character that you want to play.

You make the past mean different things by what you do with the time that comes after.


By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Retrieved from ” http: While the initial Prime Directive roleplaying game restricted ditective to being members of a Prime Team sort of command-scientist-diplomatsGPD gets rid of all such restrictions!

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The resulting race is thus available and ready to use in said game as both player character and NPC. Not actually sure on that, though it sounds familiar Their antimatter produces far more energy then it should [3].

Hence, ugrps conflict actually reduced or even, in some cases, completely negated governmental efficiency.

Articles needing dieective references from March All articles needing additional references Pages using deprecated image syntax All stub articles. An being of pure thought and pure energy becomes Jack the Ripper.

GURPS Prime Directive

The creation of supermen via selective breeding who would take over 40 nations in [19] means the program went back at least 2 generations and likely more. The packages provided are all for the Federation Academy and allow the creation of enlisted crew and guurps in Starfleet, the marines and the merchant marine. Here came the winter of my pleasure Of interest to most gamers will be the prije of the Kzinti as an NPC race, but these are not quite the classic hormone driven, “look before they leap” Kzinti of Larry Niven’s Known Space stories.


My advice to Steve Jackson would be to rewrite these book from scratch before sticking a SJG logo on it.

Warehouse 23 offers worldbooks, supplements, and adventures, in physical and digital formats, direcctive GURPS — as well as many of our other game lines. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. This is why Star Trek Discovery looks like it belongs to the Kelvin timeline.

They were primarily a wargame company, pfime the poor sales of the supplements were cause for a reexamination. Most of the major worlds of the Star Fleet Battles universe are listed and several of those in the neutral areas between the empires are discussed in passing.

Star Trek Discovery and the Return of Picard: I’m also a star trek fan. That said, neither the original Prime Directive game nor this version can be said to be specifically aimed at Star Trek fans in general, but are instead targeting devotees of the Star Fleet Battles game who wish to add a roleplaying element to their campaigns.

More importantly, when I review the information on it, nowhere does it claim to be Star Trek. Retrieved from ” https: